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    Our story

    How it all began

    Our story began with our founder’s dream to be the best information security partner for clients around the World. To accomplish our dream, we needed to assemble a great team of people with the utmost commitment to excellence and unsurpassed ethical principles and behavior. So here goes our story.

    Who we are

    iSEC International is more than a corporation. It is a group of very talented and dedicated individuals with backgrounds in the technology space as well as seasoned senior executives that contributed to the success of prestigious organizations in the US and around the World. Our Team of experts has achieved the highest certifications in each of the areas where we offer services.

    What is your story?

    To be a great partner one must always be willing to listen. At iSEC International, we have ingrained this belief in our company’s culture and conduct as part of our mission to serve our clients. We truly listen to the “why” you need our services, and our focus is to solve your problem without creating new ones. We act ethically and legally because this is the most important thing to us. We respect the laws of the countries in which we have offices, and we do not deviate for any reason or profit in our conduct, regardless of the consequences to our organization.

    We believe this is our competitive advantage. Enough about us, we want to know, what is your story?

    We help our clients

    Please contact us to discuss how our team can help you find the answers you need